Our 50th reunion is fast approaching.
We thought it would be fun to post any photos you might want to share. 
If you have any photos of past reunions, classmate friendship pics or any nostalgic photos of Boulder, please send to: www.fhs68knights@gmail.com and we will add them to this page.

Harvey Burns shared this article at our Reunion Committee meeting. It's about going to one's 50th Reunion.  Please take the time...I think you will find it a most-enjoyable read.  

Thanks to Gary Price, who called it to my attention this morning. 
Today (June 5, 1968) was the Big One! 
Out of Macky's front doors we flew, and into the Great Big World...
Fifty. Years. Ago. (#Exactly)
Ann Elizabeth Blair Watts

Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view
Remember any of our teachers?

On July 4th, 1968, my Indian Diary entry was "Japan has one of the highest literacy rates in the world." That was an interesting statement I made 50 years ago for someone who had just graduated from Fairview High School. How did I know about the literacy rate in Japan before the age of Google? And today it dawned on me 50 years later. It was Mr. Nason teaching the seniors in his Current Affairs Class.
John Case

Ann Elizabeth Blair Watt Mr. Nason was such a Quality Teacher back when we had him. The regularly due (every 2 weeks) research papers, the Friday historical films, the easy way he'd sit on a bar stool and field questions during thoughtful and bantering class discussions. Lotsa work to keep up with (especially all the "term papers" all throughout the "term"   but I learned SO MUCH. Especially he had a giant effect on my writing capabilities. Because of him, they were nicely in place before the challenges of College. I just couldn't believe he would read all of those assignments from us every 2 weeks, so I would "tease" him with little interjections like "pink elephants" and "if you are really reading this please circle this sentence." He caught them every time (and didn't even lower my grade for such sass)!!! One of the BEST, he was...
Ann Elizabeth Blair Watt I had him for American History, not Current Affairs...
John Case I had Mr. Creese for American History.
Alan Saville I had Mr. Boswell for American History, in case you don't recall he was also an assistant football coach under coach Foster. I would rank him one level above Mr. Baldwin (geometry) for the honor of being the most boring teacher at FHS back then. Do I hear a second?
Steve Carnes Lots of us had Mrs. Hughes aka Timmons (she remarried sometime thereafter). Lots of fun, lively class - and she turned us on to "Stan Freberg Presents the United States of America" - still one of the most original, silly, and memorable comedy albums, aided by most of the cast of the Rocky & Bullwinkle TV show.
John Case Does anyone remember sitting in Mr. Creese's American History class (1966 -1967), and experiencing a sudden jolt or strong ground motion? I really remember strong ground motions. I have experienced three in my life. I found this information from a USGS publication 
"The first well-documented case of injection-induced seismicity occurred at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal near Denver in 1966-67. The injection of 17 to 21 million L/mo of hazardous waste into a 3,671-m-deep disposal well was quickly followed by many felt earthquakes (fig. A l A ) in a region where the last felt earthquake occurred in 1882 (Healy and others, 1968). Comparisons between the onset of seismicity and well operations and between earthquake frequency and average injection rate showed a convincing correlation (fig. 2; Evans, 1966a). Although injection ceased in February 1966, earthquakes triggered by the increased fluid pressure established around the wells continued for several years (fig. A1C). In 1967, three large earthquakes-each with a magnitude of greater than 5-occurred, causing minor structural damage in and around the greater Denver area." Here is the link to the USGS report. https://pubs.usgs.gov/bul/1951/report.pdf

Ann Elizabeth Blair Watt I remember those earthquakes well. For some reason, "mine" occurred while playing girls' hockey either after school or during P.E. (not sure)!!!

Joe Knopinski I was in Art White's chemistry lab when the seismic shock wave came across the lab.


Beth (Reichert) Payne brown-nosing teachers at a coffee shop in December, 2017. Bill Kucera, Thaine Gilliland (class of '66), Beth, George Hoos. Both Bill Kucera & George Hoos are coming with their wives to the Reunion on Friday night.

Haha ~ remember our Typing Classes (if you went to Douglass Jr. High, "outside" in the Quonset Hut) when our typewriters looked...and sounded...like THIS!???
Those were the days 
submitted by Ann Elizabeth Blair Watt

Click image for larger view
Click image for larger view
Here's a drone shot I took yesterday of our old school.  Of course, we can never go back to our old school and we can never go home again, but we can look.  Note the construction going on on the west side of the gym.  Extensive renovations have also taken place on the N. side.  But it still looks pretty cool, our old school!   ~ Alan Saville


When it all began

"I attach a picture of a bib that I wore the first day of high school.  Here is to a Mom who hoarded everything!" 
 John Case

THE 60'S AND FHS 1968 by Alan Saville
 click on this
link:  https://youtu.be/Ch4EnhJC8Mk

Another treasure from JoAnn Feighenheimer
Another treasure from JoAnn Feighenheimer

from Beth (Reichert) Payne's archives

20th Reunion Faces with Mary Hillis, Colly Burden JoAnn Feigenheimer, Tee Sadler, Karla Farr
from JoAnn Feigenheimer's archives

Pat Jenkins, Paul Finney & Colleen Jamison
@ 30th Reunion

Check out Alan Saville's video.
Created especially for our 50th Reunion:

Celebrating our 60th Birthday at Robyn Wille's Place

2010 Gathering at Robyn Wille's

We can't really be 60 years old!


A man is seen driving a Volkswagen in California with the School colors of Fairview High School. It is carrying you guessed it penguins! The man is pulled over and the police officer says “Don’t you know you are driving carelessly!” You need to take those penguins to the zoo. The next day the same man is driving his Volkswagen with the penguins except today they all have sunglasses on. He is pulled over again by the police officer who says “Didn’t I tell you to take your penguins to the zoo!” The man replies “Yesterday, we went to the zoo, and today we are going to the beach.”   John Case

A little more humor from The Royal Banner of today
The official school newspaper for Fairview High School

shared by Jim Martin (class of '69)


"Did you know that Jean Dahlberg used to be one of the very best in the world at her craft?" Jim Sible 
Be sure to watch this video:
"Jean     a film"



There is also a lot of talent in our class of '68. Beth (Reichert) Payne shared this 2010 article from the magazine, Colorado Country Life, about our classmate Barb East. 
It is a very interesting read:  


Barb stops in to visit Shari (Payne) Ross at her store, 'Tough Luck Cowboy'. I remember Shari saying once about Barb, "She's the real deal".

If you'd like to learn more about Barb and her art, visit her website:   http://www.barbaraeast.com/


Speaking of talent. Here's a great essay that our classmate, JoAnn Feigenheimer wrote and got published in 2010. She writes about enduring friendships as well as the times we all went through and can relate to so well. Thanks JoAnn Feigenheimer for sharing this with us. (click on article to enlarge-sorry the print isn't larger)



More Talent:  Our classmate, Pam (Reynolds) Thode, transformed a long-forgotten dream into a wonderful equine program for our American Veterans. She wrote a very inspiring 2-page piece that describes her dream and how she began working with horses again. It is too long to post here, but if any of you would like to read it, let me know and I’d be glad to send it to you via Word Doc.
This article, in the Broomfield paper last year, explains her Foundation and how Pam is giving back to society. Definitely a must read:  http://www.broomfieldenterprise.com/news/ci_30823125/broomfield-horse-therapy-organization-plans-series-veterans

Here's an updated video on our classmate, Pamela Sue (Reynolds) Thode's, The Sunny Horse Foundatoin.  Click on 'Read Latest Update' to view video.  Very powerful - a must see.

Our classmate, Layna Beeler, giving back
shared by John Case


  shared by John Stark

Ten or eleven years ago I was solo day hiking the rugged Kalalau Trail along the Na Pali Coast of Kauai. You may know it as the setting for “Jurassic Park.” Miles from civilization, hardly anyone else on the trail, otherworldly beautiful. I crossed paths with a backpacking couple, we exchanged pleasantries, compared notes, before parting I asked where they were from - "Originally Colorado" "I'm from Colorado too, what part?" "Boulder" "Me too, what high school?" "Fairview" "Me too! What year?" "1968" "Me too!" "Who are you?" Can anyone identify these two carefree, itinerant wanderers?

"Great story John! I had a similar encounter with Stephi Simmons sister (Sue) during a Cycle Oregon vacation. Out in the middle of nowhere, we both ended up taking a shower at the same trailer and pretty much having the exact same conversation that you had with Doris and Larry! It is truly a small world!!! "  Shared by Shari (Payne) Ross

"Shari, yes it is a small world. Even though my encounters weren't as spectacular. I was stationed in San Diego and standing in the chow line, when I saw Greg Brandt and Glen Easton. Then, when I was stationed in Alameda CA. I ran into Bob Moody.  Tis a small world after all." Dan Schneider 

"One of my favorite experiences on that trail was when a buddy of mine and I were hiking out. We passed a couple hiking in. He was walking barefooted. She was topless. After we passed, saying our hellos, we remarked how difficult it would be to hike barefooted. We asked each other if she was also barefooted. Neither of us had noticed."  Joe Knopinski 

"A few years ago I was spring skiing at A-basin with a friend. We heard a bunch of hooting and hollering going on above us. Then a group of college kids came flying down the slope, all of them buck naked. A very attractive young coed flew past me wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. I really admired that hat, you don't see them very often on ski slopes"  Alan Saville

And then, suddenly, out of nowhere today-here y'all are again!  Alan Saville
And then, suddenly, out of nowhere today-here y'all are again! Alan Saville

I'm at a reception at the university president's house in Flagstaff, Arizona, 2011. Suddenly I lock eyes with a familiar looking guy. We're both wearing name tags and immediately recognize each other. He and I played in the Prophet's Motives band at the 1967 FHS talent show, the only academic year he attended Fairview. Our repertoire included the Yardbirds' "Mister You're a Better Man than I" and the Monkees' "I'm Not Your Steppin' Stone." We hadn't seen each other in 44 years! He went on to be a partner for the Copper State's largest law firm. Claims he dated several of the most popular girls in our class.   John Stark


Does anyone still have a hat that Margo Myers made?

So here is something that is a mystery to me on this Mother's Day 2018. I was in Junior Achievement (JA) for 3 years in high school, and we had students from both Fairview and Boulder high schools in our JA companies.  So here is a clipping of me in my senior year. I just checked with Gary Barr and he confirmed that the Owl is the Boulder High School newspaper. Oh No! How did my super Mom get this clipping in the rival Boulder High School newspaper? The shame of it all. Inquiring minds would like to know. But notice how nicely appointed I am in with a coat and tie as a representative of Fairview High School. Be true to your school Fairview High School!   John Case

Micki Larson & Robyn Wille
Micki Larson & Robyn Wille
with Micki Larson, "I got sent home because my skirt/kilt didn't hit my knees, and I was wearing knee high socks to boot!"    ~  Robyn Wille

As our 50th reunion approaches let us never forget what we may have forgotten: a timeless moment in our collective memories!   Alan Saville

"Bob Triantos and a bevy of beauties...
a reunion somewhere in time"
with Mary Hillis Clifford,Tee Sadler & Robyn Wille.

Thanks Beth (Reichert) Payne for digging in your archives for this one!

Karla Farr & JoAnn Feigenheimer
looking for trouble.


I finally found a use for the bicycle bookends I received last Christmas! The bookends were searching for an important purpose - the 50th Reunion of Fairview High School Boulder!
John Case

Girls just wanna have fun!
Karla Farr, Pat Jenkins, Margo Harvest
 from JoAnn Feigenheimer's archives

Hey, who ya wavin at?  ~JoAnn Feigenheimer
with Jon Dunwell in Sadler's rec room

Bathing Beauties on a Bridge
another TBT from JoAnn Feigenheimer's photo archives

 (left to right)  Kathy Derr, Cathy Minholz, Colly Burden, Donna Wolford, Tee Sadler, Sue Brewington

Must be good as we all look so serious! 
20th reunion dinner with Karla Farr, Robyn Wille & Micki Larson

These Ladies....
    with Karla Farr, Mary Hillis, Arleen Tully, Colly Burden, Margo Harvest, Tee Sadler, Donna Wolford, Barb Burley.
                                         photo from JoAnn Feigenheimer

 Life 50 Years ago?   submitted by Jeneane Olsen Willyard

Shari Ross "Still crazy after all these years! I had on my Villager blouse from that store up on the hill... " with Shari Payne, Karla Farr, Pat Jenkins & JoAnn Feigenheimer.                          photo from JoAnn Feigenheimer

So many, many, years ago, Karla Farr, Tee Sadler and I (in back row) worked at the new Village Movie Theatre! You can see how happy we look! I have no idea who anyone else in the picture is, but who cares?!!!  -Robyn Wille

"Those girls...having more fun" with Tee Sadler, Margo Harvest, Colly Burden, Karla Farr, JoAnn Feigenheimer
photo from JoAnn Feigenheimer

Thanks to Pat Durbin Hansen for this

Picture from Robyn Wille"Who are these girls in this picture? My mom loved to host "surprise pajama parties", meaning we'd get up early and drag friends out of bed to come to our house for breakfast! That's why so many look so tired!"  (with Patti Root, Jamie Johnston, Beth Reichert, Chris Mulkin, Marty MacPhail, Nancy Jeske, etal??)


1953: Left: Micki Larson  Right: Jim Sible

"My cousin Jim and I trying to solve the unsolvable in our later years! No one listened to us!" ca. 1954 in Federal Heights

"Let me just say that life was tough in our sophomore year at FHS, 1965. We weren't very mature. Unfortunately for most of us, we all grew up into grown-ups. Ugh!"   Alan Saville 

Kindergarden at Uni Hill with John Case, Gary Beisheim, Jeff Babcock, Gary Lister, Mark Gribble                         
 from the archives of John Case
" Ms. Duemcke who is my Kindergarten teacher reports "Coordination is good and has good control of materials. In the case of crayons, he is improving but still needs more practice staying within the lines." Lillian Case (Mom of John Case )writes back "We are please John has adjusted to school so well. We will continue to help him with his coloring here at home."

Front Row: L to R:  Doris Debacker, Chris Mulkin, Frieda Luking, Beth Reichert, Ellen Crawford
Second Row: L to R:  Linda Newman, Robin Nelson, Carol Stengel, Robin Williams, Linda Eddy, Becky Loomis, Margaret Allen, Cindy Hodgson
Third Row:  L to R:  Virginia Clyncke, Carol Thompson, Rosamond Sullivan, Linda Madrid or Helen Garcia (?), Nancy Jeske
Brownie Leader:  Bobbie Mulkin (Chris' Mom)

Where did the time go?
Third Grade Brownies all grown up - celebrating at the 50th!

with Doris (DeBacker) Bykerk, Linda (Newman) Mollohan, Chris (Mulkin) Sealy, Beth (Reichert) Payne, Robin (Nelson) Berlin, Nancy (Jeske) Arndt, Maggie (Margaret Allen) Gilbert

Uni Hill - Fourth Grade
with John Case, Jim Cofer, Robyn Wille, Mark Gribble

Uni Hill 5th Grade Class with John Case, Karla Farr, Peggy Armstrong, Barry Ross (BHS)   from the archives of John Case

Burke Elementary Sixth Grade with Mrs. Knight.
Another TBT gem from
Beth Payne (Reichert)
: "Renee Warrick (Pomainville), Barb East, myself, and Eric Sampson front and center! I also see Dave Smith, Stef Ringgenberg, Dave McMorran, Mark Johns, Charlie Weir, Sherry Williams, Olivia Frascona, Geoff Easton, and Ellen Gray amongst the crowd."


"A look back in time - 1968 one of the most defining years in our history" 
Shared by Jim Martin (Class of '69)

Top News Stories from 1968  
 shared this article Jim Martin (Class of '69)

"The 10 movies that defined 1968
The year that changed everything."

Shared by Jim Martin (class of '69)

Sweet Lunacy 1:  Tulagi Opens & the Astronauts Soar
Sweet Lunacy 2:  Flash Cadillac, Ethereal Zephyr & Caribou Studio:  https://youtu.be/byGdwYhr3uE
Sweet Lunacy 3:  Fly McLard & the Dusters, the Too High Band and Chris Daniels:  https://youtu.be/puG7gMSga2E
Sweet Lunacy 4:  Tim Duffy, Firefall, Freddi-Henchi, Big Head Todd, The Samples:  https://youtu.be/t0b7BmM9424

Here's a little refresher
for your dancing moves.
You'll need them at Friday Night's Bash at the Koenig Center with our live band rocking out!


This Day in Rock & Roll

April 4, 1964 The Beatles
The Beatles had #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 on the U.S. Singles chart. They were #1 "Can't Buy Me Love", #2 "Love MeDo", #3 "She Loves You", #4 "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and #5 "Please Please Me". It was the first and only time any recording act has ever achieved the feat.

"I got this photo at Red Rocks.  Does anyone recognize it?  I sure think I'm in the front row BUT I did not go to their concert.  Maybe it was another event"   Jeri Keene Alvarez

"My number one tune as a senior. Me and my crowd listened to KDKO Soul Radio with Doctor Daddy-O. 1510 on your radio dial. Any other nannies, grannies, or babysitters out there?"   ~Tommy Austin


Have you ever noticed that you can identify a song from the 60's, just by listening to a few seconds of the intro?
See if you can do the same with some of these t.v. shows we grew up with:

Back by popular demand.
Part 2 of 'Name that '60's Show'


Does anyone remember the pony & donkey give away as a Montgomery Ward store promotion at Crossroads?



Remember this popular spot?
What a deal at Tweebies!

Another TBT gem from Beth Payne (Reichert): "Renee Warrick (Pomainville), Barb East, myself, and Eric Sampson front and center! I also see Dave Smith, Stef Ringgenberg, Dave McMorran, Mark Johns, Charlie Weir, Sherry Williams, Olivia Frascona, Geoff Easton, and Ellen Gray amongst the crowd."


From Alan Saville:  For my fellow old fart Boulder native friends: I'm sure y'all remember this place on 28th street. And what we usually hear about are those "cheese frenchees" and how absolutely "divine" they were. But no mention of their Hot Fudge Sundaes!" Those were the true creations from the great Creator of us all!

After an evening of listening to our preacher condemn us all to hellfire and brimstone in the First Church of the Nazarene (16th and Spruce, now the home of "E-town") on a Sunday evening in 1965, me and my buddy would drive my '58 chevy Biscayne (it got 10 miles to the gallon of oil!) to Kings at a speed of nearly 20 mph (it was a 6 cylinder -did I mention the burned valves?). That hot fudge sunday would be our ultimate salvation and has had a permanent affect on my world views today!
Click on photo to see more pics of King's Food Host and other Boulder restaurants that were around when we were.

Boulder in the 1950s. South side of Pearl and east of Broadway.  Jim Sible


Ann Elizabeth Blair Watt still enjoys playing the piano

TALENTED CLASSMATES...how many of you are still doing what you loved in high school?

Diane (Floyd) Szuch   June 1

BIRTHDAYS of CLASSMATES (ON FACEBOOK)(since we started planning our reunion)